School Board

Our Lady of Mount Carmel instituted a Board of Limited Jurisdiction in accordance with the operating principles promulgated by Bishop Galante in 2009.  The purpose of the board is to promote and advance the mission of the school for the education and instruction of students in keeping with the principles of the Roman Catholic Church, to secure the finances of the school, and to ensure the course of education as prescribed by the Diocese of Camden and the applicable policies, rules, and regulations of the State of New Jersey.

The board, with limited jurisdiction, is a participatory, policy-making body for all matters pertaining to the school. All decisions of the board shall be binding upon the school administrators and shall be in compliance with canon law, the letter and intent of the policies, rules, and regulations of the Office of Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Camden, the applicable policies, rules, and regulations of the State of New Jersey, and those powers reserved to the Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Camden. The day to day operations of the school including all administrative and education decision resides with the principal; as such, any and all decision pertaining to the day to day operation by the principal shall be binding, as described in the student handbook.

The board fosters the highest possible standards of academic and religious education for all students and provides policy direction to the school in these six (6) distinct areas: To bring a matter to the board, please email

  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Policy Development
  3. Financial Oversight
  4. Philanthropy
  5. Advancement
  6. Board Development/Evaluation

2017/2018 Board Members

*designates committee chair

Executive Committee

  • Jason Smith, Board President
  • Ritamarie Giosa, (class of ’64) Vice-President
  • Diane Johns, Recording Secretary

Finance Committee

  • Jason Smith*
  • Joseph Kuchler
  • Cathleen Sheridan

Membership Committee

  • Jason Smith*

Facilities Committee

  • Deacon Robert Iuliucci*
  • Michael Murphy

Enrollment/Marketing Committee

  • Kelly Conway*
  • Brenda Velasco
  • Michael Murphy

Alumni Committee

  • Diane Johns*
  • Michael Murphy
  • Ritamarie Giosa (class of ’64)

Catholic Identity Committee

  • Alice Malloy (class of ’78), Principal
  • Cathleen Sheridan*
  • Ritamarie Giosa (class ’64)

All members of the Board also serve on one or more committees. Sub-committees may be comprised of both members of the board and non-members.