The Catholic School Advantage

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The Catholic School Advantage

Catholic schools provide an education that is Christ-centered and empowers students to reach their fullest potential in an intellectually challenging, academically excellent environment. Many parents choose Catholic schools for the strong academic and extra-curricular programs as well as for the safe and focused environment. Additionally, the practices of prayer and worship, and the relationships within the school that extend to service to the community beyond the school continually enrich the lives of the students and their families.

Adapted from Diocese of Camden, Forming Hearts and Minds in Grace

The Numbers

Graduates of Catholic Elementary Schools:

  • Score an average of 24% higher than their peers nationally on the IOWA tests for reading and writing
  • Score an average of 10% higher than their peers nationally on the IOWA tests for math
  • Continue their education in Catholic High Schools
  • 98% of Catholic High School students matriculate for continuing education
  • Save the taxpayers $20 Billion annually
  • Are more civically engaged
  • Are more likely to vote
  • Are more tolerant of diverse views
  • Are more committed to public service

Adapted from USCCB, Our Greatest and Best Inheritance.

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