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OLMC Athletic Association

OLMC Sports teaches the SCORE method in order to allow our student-athletes to develop their athletic skills in a safe and rewarding environment, while demonstrating sportsmanship and school spirit. Show up, add to the Chemistry of our team, follow our Organized method of training, be Relentless on the court/field, and bring high Energy to our practices. See below to view the current athletics programs available to our students.


This extracurricular activity is offered to the following students:

  • Basketball Clinic for grades 3 and 4, boys and girls
  • JV Boys’ Basketball for grades 5 and 6
  • JV Girls’ Basketball for grades 5 and 6
  • Varsity Boys’ Basketball for grades 7 and 8
  • Varsity Girls’ Basketball for grades 7 and 8

Boys’ basketball participates in the Camden County Catholic School Independent Boys’ Basketball league.

Girls’ Basketball participates in the South Jersey Saints Girls’ Basketball league.

Girls' Volleyball

Home of our 2017 Girls’ Varsity League Champions of the GGCAL. The OLMC volleyball program believes in the development of players through a very high repetition of ball control drills along with constructive feedback. In addition, the team players will learn lessons in focus, mental toughness, physical conditioning, and good sportsmanship. Upon 8th grade graduation, our players, if fully engaged throughout JV, local clubs, and varsity opportunities, should be able to successfully and consistently perform overhand serves, passing, setting, and spiking; but also learn the value of being a student-athlete who is an advocate of team play.

Junior Varsity: 4th-6th graders, a developmental squad that serves as an introduction to this sport; the GCCAL season starts mid-August and ends to the end of October in a busy 2 1/2 month season. Also available for this age group is the OLMC Volleyball Club that meets periodically from January to July for current 3rd to 6th grade students.

Varsity: 7th-8th graders, a high school preparatory squad that combines the volleyball skill sets of students from local clubs, and teaches team offensive and defensive rotations and responsibilities in order to measure their ball skills and readiness in competitive play with about 16 matches, 2 tournaments, and the GCCAL Playoffs. This is also a good age group to seek SJ volleyball clubs.

Track & Field

Home of the 2017 and 2018 “Back-To-Back” Catholic Track League Champions (Division B). At OLMC, Track and Field allows the students to learn track safety, league rules, and the concept of competing against a clock and/or measuring tape. From as early as 3rd grade, our student-athletes will experience and excel in a number of events that will test their body and mind, which will help them in other sports that require speed, endurance, agility, acceleration, flexibility, discipline, competitiveness, and confidence.

Our Track and Field Team consists of OLMC and CCD students from the 3rd to 8th grade. We compete in the Camden County Catholic Track League. The student-athletes compete as a team (one team for girls, and one for boys), and events are organized by age groups:

CADETS: 3rd-5th graders(<10yrs of age), JUNIORS: 6th-7th graders(11-12), SENIORS: 8th graders(13-14). Ages are based on current school year at September 1st.

EVENTS: 50M(Cadets only), 100M, 200M, 400M, 800M, 1600M, Shot Put, Softball-Put(Cadets only), Long Jump, 4x100M Relay. Penn Relays 4x100M for a select group of 7th-8th graders.

The Track & Field Team holds Saturday morning meets at our home track, Winslow High School, or at an away venue, 8am-11:30am. The pre-season starts in March, with the season running from April to mid-May. Look out for registration information in late February.

Physical Education

Our Lady of Mount Carmel weekly Physical Education program is well-loved by our entire school community, from Pre-K 3 to Grade 8. All grades participate in Physical Education one time each week. Topple ball, speed minton, pillo polo, basketball, speedball, speed stacking, ultimate Frisbee, soccer, waffle ball, volleyball, and flag-football are all incorporated into our athletic program.

The program reinforces positive behavior while it focuses on fitness, cooperation, balance, skills that lead into other sports, sportsmanship, and respect for others. Through the Physical Education program students also participate in annual events like Jump Rope/Hoops for Heart, Stack Up! (world record speed stacking event) and JAM World Record – Presidents Challenge

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