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For sixty years Our Lady of Mount Carmel School has provided its students with a superior Catholic education.  Founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1956, Mount Carmel continues to fulfill the vision of those sisters today as we “develop future leaders who seek to serve the Lord and global community while responding to the needs and challenges of our time.”

This year our students have pledged to “SOAR like Eagles.”  They are striving to:

Seek opportunities to serve.

Own their learning.

Act responsibly.

Respect all people.

To that end, Mount Carmel students have participated in numerous academic competitions,  have had their names flown on NASA’s Orion space capsule as part of a science project, and created many service projects to help those in need.  Our oldest students are “buddies” to our youngest charges, helping them become acclimated to OLMC.  We are truly building upon the strong foundation the Sisters began six decades ago!

You can help the school to continue to offer and improve upon this level of academic excellence right now!  Your financial support of the OLMC Annual Fund ensures that we provide the tools and experiences to enable our students to SOAR to new heights in their education.

Today I am asking that you join me, and the entire Mount Carmel family, in supporting the 2019-2020 Annual Fund with a gift of $100 or more.   Gifts of every size are important and make a difference in a child’s education right now.  Your generosity is a vote of confidence in our efforts to educate future generations of students and allows us to remain a beacon to all families looking for a superior Catholic education.

God bless you and your family!  Thank you for helping us to SOAR!

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