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Annual Giving is responsible for raising money for the Annual Fund, which provides student financial aid and services, technology upgrades, student counseling, and support for student organizations.

This year’s goal is $60,000.

Funds support course development for students and teachers, plus alumni and business relations. Gifts to the Annual Fund are also used for special administrative support associated with raising major gifts, equipment purchases, and the upgrading and renovation of facilities.

When you donate to the Annual Fund, you invest in the future of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and its students.

For more information on Annual Giving
Please contact Christie Cloe at:
856-767-1751 or [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

OLMC is great today due to your support. The reality is that parish funding is getting tighter. To maintain the quality of education that characterizes OLMC, even more money will need to come from the private sector. Part of our mission is making an OLMC education available to the most diverse, qualified students who seek Catholic education so we work hard to minimize tuition increases. Raising tuition to meet all costs would mean that many families would be unable to send their children to OLMC. Additionally, contributions to the Annual Fund are tax-deductible, whereas tuition is not. This gives each family an opportunity to take advantage of tax incentives related to donating through the Annual Fund.

Think about it: 10,000 gifts of $25 equal $250,000. That amount could fund a $1,000 scholarship for 250 OLMC students next year alone. What an impact! OLMC is not asking you to make a gift that will break the bank. We just want to get as many alumni, families and parishioners as possible involved. When we all work together, we can make great things happen for Mount Carmel. Any amount is helpful and greatly appreciated.

You decide where your gift goes simply by designating the area, or program of your choice. Whether you give via mail or donate on the Web, you have the opportunity to tell us what to do with your gift. Rest assured that your hard earned dollars help the area you choose.

Yes! All gifts are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law, and you will receive an acknowledgement or a gift receipt seven to ten days after you make your gift.

Funds donated for general use are considered unrestricted. They are especially important to Mount Carmel and the schools that receive them. They provide the financial resources necessary to upgrade technology, repair and maintain facilities and support school organizations.

The Annual Fund receives funds directly from the donor and the donor receives no goods or services. As a 501 (c)(3) charity, the tax benefits of giving to the Annual Fund make it attractive. There is very little overhead to the Annual Fund and all monies collected go directly to school operations. Additionally, many corporations match Annual Fund donations, which can more than double your gift.

PTA fundraising is accomplished through events where the donor receives goods or services for their purchase/donation and is meant to fund the activities planned throughout the year in support of the school.

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